Feedback Message


Feedback messages are used to provide action-based UI feedback, or communicate important account-related messages to the learner.


Feedback messages are categorised into three types based on the type of message they communicate.

A molecule partial is available to construct feedback messages, and can be passed a message either as a string, or as block content within the template.




Success indicates that an action was successful or that there are no issues. Success messages are indicated by a tick icon.

Feedback Message Success


Notice provides neutral FYI-type factual information related to a performed action. Notice messages don’t prevent learner from carrying on what they are doing. Notice messages are indicated by an info icon.

Feedback Message Notice


Unlike notice messages, alert messages require learner’s urgent attention – they cannot proceed with their task, until the error is addressed. We typically display an additional inline alert icon, to provide more information to the learner.

Feedback Message Alert

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