The Spotlight module is used to promote a piece of content or a benefit to the learner on the page. It must feature both an image/logo and text which both have equal prominence visually. It uses smaller type than the Billboard and can therefore be used multiple times throughout a page.


Small Spotlight Gr
Medium Spotlight Gr
Large Spotlight Gr

Live Examples

Workplace Learning page, Event Highlight on Career Advice page, Certificates page


This molecule can be used as a relatively loud communication tool by using strong colours and imagery (as on the certificates page), or a quieter version using a white background and imagery (as in the career advice page or workplace learning page examples).

It has left aligned text that sits either to the left or right of the image, as appropriate.


Optionally it can include a call to action.


Image right aligned

Spotlight Left Small
Spotlight Left Medium
Spotlight Left Large
Live example

Image left aligned

Spotlight Right Small
Spotlight Right Medium
Spotlight Right Large
Live example

Visually loud version

Spotlight Loud Small
Spotlight Loud Medium
Spotlight Loud Large
Live example

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