Sketch Library

What is it?

Sketch library is a shared, ready to use file with all of our design system UI components. It should be used to design product pages and features. The library consists of core styles like colours and type sizes, as well as atoms and molecules. Everything is sorted into clear categories to choose from once you import the library into your Sketch app.

Setting it up

To import the library into Sketch app you will need to sync the root library folder with your Mac using ‘Google Drive File Stream’, more information on how to set this up can be found here

Once the folder is synced with your machine head over to Sketch app and at the top left corner select Sketch > Preferences > Libraries and click ‘Add Library…’ then select the ‘UI Library.sketch’ file from the synced folder and import it. That’s it, happy designing!

Maintaining the library

It’s important to keep the library in sync as that’s one of the main benefits of having one. To ensure that - any edits or new modules should be added to the master file on the Google Drive, this can be done either within Sketch app itself or by re-uploading updated master file to the drive.